Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Barely Breathing Lyrics

I comprehend what you're doing

I see everything excessively clear

I just taste the saline

You truly had me setting out for some, wishing on a star

At the same time the dark gaps that encompass you

Are heavier by a long shot

I trusted in your disarray

You were so totally torn

Was the day that I was conceived

There's very little to analyze

There's nothing left to stow away

You truly must be joking

In the event that you need to ask me for what good reason

I say farewell


'Cause I am scarcely relaxing

Also I can't discover the air

I don't know who I'm joking

Envisioning you mind, and I could remained here

Holding up a bonehead for an alternate day

In any case I don't assume its value the cost

Worth the value, the value that I would pay

Everybody continues asking, what's everything about?

I used to be so sure and I can't make sense of

What is this fascination? I just feel the agony

There's nothing left to reason and just you to be faulted

Will it ever change?


Anyhow I'm supposing it over at any rate

I've come to discover, I may never know

Your evolving personality, would it say it is companion or enemy?

I climb above or sink beneath

With each time you travel every which way

Kindly don't, you travel every which way

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